Misheal Aniekeme Meshach is a rising pop artist from Akwa Ibom State with an innate ability to create music that highlights the forgotten, but highly important things in life – our home, our foundation, our legacy. "People tend to ignore the flower under their nose to envy the meadow far away on the horizon," Mish said.

Mish graduated from the University of Port Harcourt with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering. A mechanical engineer by training, Mish pays the bills by running a private oil industry consulting firm. His passion is uplifting people with his music, which combines a hip-hop sophistication with traditional African rhythm.

Mish has found a niche that includes many Nigerian’s, especially Akwa Ibomites around the world, and individuals who simply have a taste for good music with his hit single "Akwa Ibom Ayaiaya ". The song tells the story of a young man out in America who hears the tales of the remarkable improvements back home (in Nigeria) and plans a return.

Shot in Oakland California and Uyo, Nigeria the video is topping chats all over the world. Mish expects a bigger hit with “Every Woman is Beautiful ". An upcoming video which was shot in New York's -Brooklyn, China town and Times Square, right before Hurricane Sandy. Mish is dedicating this video to the survivors.


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